LUCAS 3.1 Chest Compression System

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The LUCAS 3.1 Chest Compression System sets the standard for mechanical CPR devices.

Get better patient outcomes and make responder resources more efficient with the LUCAS Chest Compression System.

This LUCAS chest compression machine delivers high-quality compressions with fewer interruptions than manual CPR.
This enables rescuers to focus on treating the patient's underlying conditions without the fatigue of manual chest compressions or CPR.

Having a device that automatically delivers chest compressions, means a more efficient use of rescue staff time, as usually teams of two must cycle between rounds of CPR if done over longer periods.

The LUCAS 3.1 even allows for adjustable compression rates at the touch of a button, in compliance with the Resuscitation Council UK's guidelines of over 100 compressions per minute. Plus, a post-event report records all compression rates, depth, and duration for complete transparency.

Included with the LUCAS 3.1 device is the carry case, enabling rescue staff to transport the machine over rugged terrain easily.


For all enquiries about the Stryker Lucas 3.1 Chest Compression System, please contact us on 01298 872 186 or use the web chat to speak with one of our Specialists.


Necessary Accessories for the LUCAS 3.1

LUCAS 3.1 Chest Compression System Auxiliary Power Supply



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Key Features

  • Adjustable compression rates: 102, 111, or 120 compressions per minute
  • Compression rate can be varied during operation
  • Adjustable compression depth (between 45mm - 53mm)
  • Compact and lightweight with included carry case
  • Top window for battery checks
  • Allows for greater freedom of chest space to maintain defibrillator pad access during operation
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for post-event reporting
  • Simple user interface for easy use
  • 45-minute run time from a single battery - extended by the external power supply
  • Fits 95% of patients
  • Has no weight restrictions
  • Stabilisation strap as standard to maintain device position
  • Carry case charging access to recharge the device whilst in storage
  • Disposable suction cup designed to improve chest expansion during operation
  • Low profile back plate for easy patient placement
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