About Defib Store

Defib Store is the UK's leading Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) cabinet manufacturer and independent defibrillator supplier.

Our expertise has been developed through 30 years of designing and manufacturing bespoke cabinets and specialist enclosures based at our offices in Derbyshire, UK.

Our products are engineered to face up to the harshest environments and locations to ensure your defibrillators are kept safe, secure and always ready for rescue.

All of our cabinets are crafted and assembled by our team to ISO9001 specification and have been specially designed to be relied upon every day by emergency services teams across the country. Our cabinets are recommended by the UK ambulance services, heart charities and AED manufacturers.

With ever-growing demand for life-saving devices to treat sudden cardiac arrests, it is vital that everyone has 24-hour immediate access to a defibrillator to help improve survival rates. Help us make sure nobody goes without a defibrillator when they need it.

Welcome us as your new partner in all aspects of defibrillator storage, acquisition and advice.

Our History

Defib Store specialises in designing, manufacturing and supplying defibrillator enclosures as well as being a trusted partner of major defibrillator manufacturers.

Our founder, Paul Bennett, has over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing enclosures for major oil and gas projects in the most hazardous environments and infrastructure projects worldwide.

We are proud to offer certification to the latest BS EN 60079 standards and constantly develop our products to withstand extreme conditions.

We provide dependable and safe defibrillator storage, supply and training, with full polycarbonate cabinets that can withstand the harshest environments and abuse.

We have successfully created defibrillator enclosures that meet our customers' exacting requirements, including supplying equipment to the Antarctic and the hottest parts of the Australian bush.

Choose Defib Store for high-quality defibrillator enclosures that meet the latest safety standards and offer superior protection for your equipment regardless of where it is in the world.