Defib Sure - Defibrillator servicing from £85.00

Get Defib Sure, and let us take care of your public access defibrillators. 

We know that all public access defibs are designed to perform regular self-checks to ensure they can save lives, but we take it one step further with Defib Sure. 

We will arrange the collection of your AED for servicing and perform a thorough assessment to ensure it operates exactly as it should.

Defib Sure is available for all public access defibrillators, regardless of whether you bought them from us or not.

How it works

Our technicians inspect the defibrillator housing, display (if fitted), all push buttons, and pad connections for any damage/wear.

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the battery and pads to confirm they are within the expiry dates.

We perform a meticulous examination of the defibrillator pad connections and packaging, followed by a general cleaning of the unit and its connections.

By attaching your device to our bench test device, our technicians conduct a diagnostic simulation on the defibrillator which simulates an artificial heart wave.

This ensures the defibrillator correctly administers a shock, at the appropriate energy level, when it identifies a shockable heart rhythm (ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia). This test also checks whether the defibrillator refrains from shocking when no shock is required (e.g., there is no heart rhythm).


Defib Sure is for those seeking value and peace of mind for defibrillator testing and servicing. 

We offer our Defib Sure plan with up to a 4 year contract, allowing you to save on defibrillator consumables for the duration of the plan.

By signing up, you will receive your future annual checks with annual discounted rates, and a 5% discount on your future defibrillator consumables (available with Defib Sure +).

Defib Sure

Year 1


Defib Sure+

Year 2

Save 10%

Defib Sure+

Year 3

Save 15% 

Defib Sure+

Year 4

Save 20%

What Happens Next

After testing, you will receive a detailed test report along with your fully serviced defibrillator. You will also receive a defibrillator guardian checklist along with your report to detail and keep track of the best upkeep for your device.

As an added option, for an additional £45 fee, you can receive a fully working defibrillator on loan while the Defib Sure testing is underway on your device.

Become Defib Sure today to let us ensure your defibrillator is maintained and serviced with the utmost care, guaranteeing reliability in critical moments.

Trust us to keep you protected, always.

Contact us now to learn more or to schedule your Defib Sure maintenance.


Contact us at or call 01298 872 186 + Option 1 to get Defib Sure or speak with one of our experts.


Please note: Certain makes and models of AED are excluded from the diagnostic test. Please contact our sales team for more information.