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iPAD SP1 with Defib Store 1000 Green with keypad lock

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Product Overview

IPAD SP1 AED with simple switch from adult to child mode includes 2 sets of pads, battery,carry case and ready kit 8 year warrant.

Outdoor Defib Store 1000 with Keypad lock, heating and light Ce-Tek IP66 Defib cabinet manufactured from mild steel, coated with an outdoor green powder coat Including a marine grade stainless steel keypad lock, Salt spray tested for 10k hours, thermostatically controlled heating system, internal LED magnetic light that activates in darkness on a motion sensor,Internal hook to accommodate any defibrillator and viewing window. Cabinet dimensions are: 400x400x200mm *FOC Customisation - Cabinet print to include any text instruction, images and logos required*

Ready Kit Complete your defibrillator with everything you need in our ready kit. Item in this kit are used before pad placement and to assist with CPR. includes; Nitrile Gloves - Rescuer to wear, Tough Cut Safe Scissors - To safely cut through any clothing, Razor - to prepare the patient, Alcohol prep wipe - to wipe the patients chest, 2 x Gauze - to dry any excess fluid of the patients chest, CPR Mask - One way valve to prevent infection, transparent to check patient, Contained in a green fabric zip bag.

This package ships with a fully automatic IPAD SP1 as standard.  Available as semi automatic at no additional charge. Please specify with order


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