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Sounds too good to be true?

Well, there is a way for us to do this by getting your local and national businesses involved.

We offer 3 packages to business’s to support local communities, pubs, clubs and schools which give you the defibrillator and cabinet you want, whilst giving the sponsoring business, media and advertising exposure for upto 8 years depending on the package chosen.

What are the 3 packages?

They are bronze, silver and gold. WHAT THE HOST GETS

Defib Store are looking for sites to host a Public Access Defibrillator


Help protect your organisation and community by hosting a sponsored defibrillator

Choose to host a sponsored public access defibrillator outside your organisation and you will receive:

– Market leading Powerheart G5 defibrillator with accessories for the life of the device

– Stainless Steel Defib Store 3000 with keypad lock, heating and light

– Sponsorship back board, which will contain the sponsors details

How much will it cost?

– We deliver and install the Defibrillator, Defib Store 3000 & Backboard and also replace batteries and pads when required FREE OF CHARG

– You only pay for the electricity to heat and light the cabinet (approx. £10-£15 per year)

– No maintenance costs – we simply ask that the Defibrillator and cabinet are checked on a weekly basis

If you would like to be considered as a host site for the scheme contact us now on 01298 872 186 or sales@defibstore.co.uk

The scheme is funded through sponsorship, the board has space for up to 8 adverts
Supply is subject to Defib Store securing sufficient sponsorship to fund the scheme
All replacement pads and batteries are supplied to the host site free of charge prior to expiry date
Pads will be replaced by Defib Store in the event of the defibrillator being deployed
240v electricity supply is required to power the Defib Store at all times

Should you have a site for an external AED and waterproof outdoor defibrillator cabinet but need to find a sponsor company to help you obtain this, please let us know as we are in touch with many national major companies and may be able to secure you the sponsor you are looking for.

* Free to the end recipeint